Learn How to Save Money Quickly

Published: 09th June 2010
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Saving money is neither art nor a science. It's just being more frugal with dedication and discipline. However, it isn't easy if you don't know the basics; it takes time to espouse frugality. Here are few suggestions on How To Save Money.

Spend Less

This isn't a tip or a hint; it is the most essential part of saving money. If you want to accumulate a huge amount by the end of this year, you have to spend less, and you have to do it today. This means adopting smart ways like using public library instead of buying books, skipping a coffee, etc.

Have a budget, always

A budget is your financial statement, in advance. Creating a budget will help you to track all your income and expenses. This is essential to know how much you have, how much you can spend, and how much you can save. It denotes key areas where you can put a little more effort and save radically.

In Bulk

Grocery, of course, can come much cheaper if you buy it in bulk. Cooking in bulk can provide you food for couple of days without spending more. With a little preparation, you save a huge amount every time you spend money. This is one of the best ways on how to save money. However, bulk comes with a risk of damage. If you don't eat your food on time, it may go bad. So you would lose more instead of saving.

Shop at a REAL Sale

Many retail outlets declare sale. However, the cost at which you buy a product is actually, sometimes, more than you would have paid without the 'sale'. Hence, don't just start purchasing because it's a sale. Make sure you conduct a thorough research about the original price and discounted price of the item.

Purchased used things

The disgrace of buying used items isn't greater than the disgrace of filing a bankruptcy. Used items actually prove to provide more value for money. A new car, for instance, typically loses around 40% of its value in the initial 20 months of purchase. So, why not buy a car that's 20 months old? Hence, it's advisable to buy things that are 'as good as new', instead of buying new articles.

Get rid of your debts

Few debts are unavoidable. However, try to get rid of them as soon as possible. There is no harm owing these debts except for the very high interest rate they charge you. By paying off your credit card bills in full, you will save a considerable amount every month.

Start Saving

No, by this I mean save some amount every week or every month. Open a saving account or an investment plan where you can put all your savings into. Gradually, your money will work for you and provide you a secondary source of income. However, starting to save it the hardest part. Hence, do it today and save some real amount NOW.

Putting off will do no good. You have to take charge and start saving. If you do it, you will receive great rewards in the years to follow. Read this article on 'Learn how to save money quickly' and get started.

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